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functional obedience

Our Functional Obedience Training Service meticulously shapes well-mannered canine behavior through reinforcement-based methods. Targeting core commands and tailored behavioral corrections, this service equips dogs with the foundations of obedience, ensuring they respond with consistency and confidence. Our professional trainers are dedicated to nurturing a dog's ability to understand and follow commands, fostering a sense of discipline and order that is intrinsic to their daily routine.


We focus on teaching your dog to walk calmly by your side, attentively responding to your pace and direction amidst various distractions, instilling impeccable leash manners through daily, integrated training sessions.


Our K9 Academy is designed to cultivate your dog's confidence and composure in a multitude of social and environmental contexts. We focus on expanding your dog's comfort zone through controlled exposure to various stimuli, teaching them to navigate the world with ease. We believe that relaxation skills are just as important as any other skill and that's why we teach our students to relax in between training sessions, after play and around other dogs and people. These skills are valuable in real life situations where it's important to remain neutral around distractions and stimuli. Sometimes practicing doing nothing is the perfect way to safely socialise.

purposeful play

We believe that play is an essential ingredient in a dog's development. Our structured play training is expertly designed to engage your dog's body and mind, transforming playtime into an opportunity for growth and learning. This service is crafted to harness a dog's natural play instincts in a way that encourages learning and social development. Through interactive games and activities, dogs learn to channel their energy positively, enhancing their playtime experience while reinforcing important social skills.

physical and mental enrichment

We offer a range of outlets to provide physical stimulation such as treadmill training, playtime, and walks. We also offer mental enrichment through free shaping, allowing your dog to think and problem solve.


The care and well-being of every dog is at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing a holistic approach to canine health and comfort. We offer basic grooming like nails, brushing and general routine checking. We believe dogs should feel comfortable when it comes to good health so we focus first on the desensitisation around routine handling to ensure that every dog is completed with a positive experience every time. 

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